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Stay on Track with Smarter Fleet Management Solution

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Majority of accidents (78%) are caused due to
the driver’s fault or negligence.

Mitigate Accidents With WAC’s AI Based Soution

  • Zigfleet is a unified system for fleet management, driver safety and compliance that is scalable to enterprise needs.
  • Zigfleet helps significantly improve fleet safety levels and prevents pilferage of cargo & misuse of vehicles effectively.
  • The solution helps reduce carbon emissions and saves customers millions of dollars each year in maintnance and fuel costs.
  • The Solution uses novel edge AI technology to detect critical driver behaviors using a single street-facing camera device.
  • The solution also includes GPS tracking for real-time vehicle telematics and diagnostics, to monitor vehicle and the driver, both.
  • Zigfleet solution tracks parameters that helps manage and effectively control operational costs in turn reducing costs significantly.


Detects Traffic Violations

Signal jumping/ Wrong side driving/ llegal left / right turn.
Stopping on Crosswalk/ Pedestrian crossing/ Overtaking  from wrong side.

Track Driver behavior

  • Using a phone Route Deviation Unauthorized person/ goods SmokingOver speeding
  • Over speeding
  • Yawning or fatigue

Live Fleet GPS Track and Trace

  • Real time GPS update
  • Track fleet on one easy to view screen
  • Built in speed limit, idle monitoring, geofencing and built in  ignition monitoring

Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS)

Driver alerted in case of :

  • Forward distance
  • Front vehicle cut-off
  • Pedestrian at intersection
  • Lane Departure WarningSystems (LDW)
  • Blind Spot

Web-based Management

  • Violation based alert with videos and Status of fleet anytime, anywhere.
  • Various functions are available via over-the-air ( OTA ) like - activation/ update/ deactivation.
  • Remotely accessible stored footage; no removable drives accesible & Real time Video Recording.


Driver Behavior and fleet safety
Fleet Tracking and Performance
Cost Reduction and Fuel Economy
Fleet Risk Management
Effort Towards Sustainability



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