Video Bonding

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In network communication Bonding is the process of combining two or more individual internet links so they act like a single logical link. When a video is transmitted using this using this single logical link, it becomes Video Bonding. Video Boosting is one of the several policies provided by our UBonding application to provide Video Bonding functionality. Video Boosting policy combines several 3G/4G/LTE modems with optional Wi-Fi and Ethernet internet connection for streaming live video. This policy is designed to aggregate multiple internet connections to create a single, robust path for delivering video. When one connection drops the automatic fail over ensures that the live stream runs continuously and smoothly throughout the broadcast.


Video streaming using a single internet connection isn’t reliable for video surveillance, major event broadcasting and publishing applications because video uses a lot of bandwidth. Video Streaming that uses UBonding Video Boosting policy provides increased throughput without the risk of disconnections. Video streaming experience can become really poor with low bandwidth and signal whose quality is constantly fluctuating due to geographic location and overall network traffic. Video Boosting will monitor the quality of your connections and it automatically re-route all of your data if one of your connections become unstable. Once the lost connection is restored, it automatically reconnects and re-bonds the connection without any intervention from user. Each channel’s statistics like latency, jitter and congestion are monitored to ensures that the best signal path is always utilized, on a packet-by-packet basis. Not only will the user get to watch your videos without buffering, but they will also get a stable and secure connection.


When ethernet or Wi-Fi is not available, the Video Boosting policy can work using multiple cellular connections. This helps in transportation sectors offering Wi-Fi on trains and buses.  With the affordable cellular connections video transmission from remote security cameras is possible with high reliability. UBonding Video Boosting policy provides superior connectivity, cost savings and cellular/ethernet/Wi-Fi connections with more efficient live-video streaming services so that we can deliver information to customers reliably.

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