UBonding Software Portability Feature

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One of the core principles behind Wistron AiEdge is its ability to run on any hardware platform and operating system(OS). Our sophisticated products are built keeping in mind that the customer may be using a software platform with varied software configurations and hardware. Further, it is not ideal to spend time and resources trying to integrate the software for each platform.

The gateway & edge devices market is crowded with various players such as ARM, Mediatek, Intel and AMD, providing numerous OS and hardware options. With customers across industries, is it possible to write software that can run on such diversity of software and hardware platforms?

Our UBonding product is built keeping in mind this very issue. It has portability designed into its core and can be deployed on most platforms with ease. One of the major reasons is that we use C\C++ for majority of our development. It has a very low memory footprint and works on most devices without much of a hassle. All the interactions with the I/O subsystems of the varied devices are using such portable code.  We use software libraries that are standard and reliable. This further helps us make our software portable.

We have successfully completed commercial deployments on ARM, Mediatek, AMD and Intel on varied operating systems and propriety OSs. We maintain our builds such that we are able to support all our varied customers with the bleeding-edge version of our software.


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