UBonding Remote Device Management

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Remote Device Management is a set of practices around monitoring and controlling devices from a centralized location. Remote management enables us to initiate devices and servers over the air, troubleshoot issues, and manage the devices and servers remotely. UBonding Remote Management helps us with effective management of devices and servers at scale and is one of the core components of the Stack.

Key features of UBonding Remote Management include:

1.      Initializing the gateway device and server

2.      Configuring the gateway device and server

3.      Managing all the devices and server in centralized location

4.      Executing scripts on the gateway device and server

5.      Collecting gateway’s usage data

6.      Monitoring the server

7.      Enabling/Disabling security features on the device and server.

Benefits of UBonding Remote Management


1.   Enabling remote work

One of the biggest advantages of UBonding remote device access is that it allows us to manage and troubleshoot devices remotely. We can check the device’s state, make necessary adjustments and respond to security incidents without being physically present. It also avoids labor cost involved in on-site management of devices.

2.   Real-Time Monitoring

With numerous devices to manage and operate, it can be difficult to ensure that each is working. It can be months before it is realized that a select few haven’t been operating, unnecessarily setting production back. Tracking real-time data and having the capability to access them remotely improves production time, increases customer service, reduces maintenance costs, reduces downtime and more.

3.   Predictive Analytics and Data visualization

Another key benefit of UBonding remote device access is the potential for predictive analytics and device maintenance. As we collect data about the usage, we can visualize it in the form of graphs and charts in centralized location. We can analyze the data and make decisions.

4.   IT automation and scripting

With UBonding Remote Management, we can monitor all the devices and can automate tedious tasks. This frees up experts to work on more important issues and allows to maintain the devices without cutting into the work time.

As we keep expanding UBonding Remote Management, we will be able to do everything that a device or server would requires remotely.

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