UBonding Data Security Feature

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As everyone understands, data security is very important for most applications on the internet. With the rising instances of cyber attacks, it is essential to keep data encrypted. It is also an open secret that ISPs can collect data containing the browsing history of its users to sell to the highest bidder. If one cares for their privacy, there is very little they can do in this situation. Any solution around these issues will come with its own problems such as additional latencies and additional bandwidth.

UBonding offers WAN virtualization wherein it aggregates multiple channels - wired broadband, 2G/3G/4G or WiFi, and presents a single bonded connection to the internet, central cloud or for connectivity between sites. The solution is agnostic to the type of connectivity and the application data being transported – video, voice or data.

UBonding internally provides for a TLS based tunnel. It uses industry standard high-performance libraries for security protocol implementations. TLS protocol shares the keys to both encode and decode information, that is sent between devices. This is the heart of encryption. Also, since it is a TCP based tunnel, the connection is more reliable. Furthermore, UBonding does not collect or store any user browsing information and adheres to the utmost standards of customer privacy. Since UBonding uses multiple channels for connectivity, it optimizes the use of available bandwidth. This makes sure that the problems like latencies and additional bandwidth requirements, which generally throttle the speed of encrypted connections, are minimal. Your data transmission is safe when you use UBonding.

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