The Benefit of Resource Management

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Resource management is meant to manage Universal Bonding servers’ resources. When users have growing universal bonding devices, more servers can be added, and some devices can be reconnected to new servers, so that existing servers are not overloaded in terms of memory and compute power. Users may have heavy load during day times but little load during weekends or holidays. Accordingly using the detected patterns for reference, we can reallocate servers for devices, shut down unnecessary servers or down grade servers to save cost, and thus providing elastic SD-WAN service in cloud.

We can put servers into different zones. Naturally, zones can be defined by geographical location to group devices and servers for better performance. The zones can also be defined based on security profiles, so that closer monitoring, refined security measures and access control are applied to servers in zones with higher security requirements. To make remote device and server management easier, we can divide zones by user-focused functionality, such as site-to-center communication, site-to-site communication and make practical automated device and server provisions. Zones can be built as required and be removed when no longer in use.

In every zone, each server’s network assignment can be adjusted for the needs of its connected devices and endpoints,with the tunnel IP address allocated in central place. Each server’s availability is monitored to facilitate load balancing and fail over among servers in the zone.  

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