Game-Changing Edge Computing Products for Internet of Things

Wistron AiEdge Corporation (WAC) enables digital transformation and augments the adoption of Edge Computing. WAC products focus on providing Robust, Boosted and Reliable Connectivity and Software Applications for the Edge.

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Technology Platform

WAC products are built on its core technology - UBonding, enabling a multitude of IoT use-cases for online, offline, and hybrid environments. UBonding technology is device, network, and cloud agnostic. The technology has been tested and perfected in some of the most challenging environments.

Leverage Robust Connectivity to deliver hybrid Edge - Cloud solutions

Mission critical applications need a high-speed stable network with low-latency. WAC provides Hybrid Edge-Cloud solutions with multiple connectivity options and routing policies for verticals like Surveillance, Financial Services, Retail, Construction, etc.

Core Capabilities

UBonding is the core patented bandwidth bonding technology to provide Robust,Boosted and Secure connectivity. Ubonding focuses on 3 key areas - Communication & Networking, Data Integrity & Security, Operations & Management

Robust & Reliable Connectivity
Multiple Routing Algorithms
Connection & Operator Agnostic
Secure, Encrypted Data Communication

Industries & Use Cases

Public Safety
& Security

Unreliable and inadequate connectivity prevents continuous video streams and sensor data from being transmitted to the Cloud, causing security risks. The real-time smart connectivity offers a resilient and boosted connection to transport video and sensor data to the Cloud. Edge intelligence enables local analytics, decision making, and data thinning, resulting in timely action and cost savings on data transport.  The integrated platform reduces TCO and accelerates ROI.

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Enterprises often have multiple facilities across geographies, many of them in locations with infrastructure issues. Remote facilities may need to transact with central systems in the Cloud. Branches may have to collaborate with each other for day-to-day operations. The real-time smart connectivity offers site-to-center and site-to-site collaboration to ensure mission critical functions are uninterrupted and transactions are secure.  Edge computing reduces burden on the Cloud.

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Fluctuating cellular networks impact seamless vehicle connectivity affecting data transfer between the vehicle and remote monitoring centre. Critical applications like emergency services and transportation of high-value goods, need reliable connectivity for tracking, communication and surveillance. WAC’s UBonding technology offers boosted and reliable connectivity over multi-cellular connections for such use-cases.

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Cellular white spots are a reality in today’s world. Many applications need consistent connectivity as they have high dependency on cloud. WAC solves this challenge using its patented UBonding technology. It also offers software applications for local decision making to reduce dependency on cloud. WAC therefore enables businesses operating in constrained environments like construction sites, mining, etc. to operate smoothly.

Download full Case Study PDF (2 MB)